F3P Power Package

Power Combo includes the Motrolfly 2203-1600 designed for F3P and the FM-8 amp ESC.

Recomended prop is the GWS 8043 and is black in color offered in the drop down box.

Digital 3.6 gram servos are in the drop down box for the rudder and elevator.

A 9gram precision ball bearing servo is recomended for the ailerons and is in the drop down box.

Option to buy with out bullet connectors on the ESC or Motor is available at a $2.00 reduced price. The ESC will still come with a JST battery connector. Also an Option to have the motor and ESC pre soldered together with out connectors for a $1.00 reduced price. The stock mtoor and ESC will come with pre soldered 2mm bullet connectors.

To finish off this awsome F3P we offer the Sonic Power 250 2s 30C lipo that provides plenty of volts at a low weight. This is also an option in the drop down boxes below.
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